Taxes, Fees and Restrictions

* Prices are based on round-trip published retail airfares. Prices are subject to availability, weekend/holiday/seasonal supplements, blackout dates and restrictions. Rates shown include government-imposed taxes and fees. Air by Pleasant change and cancellation fees of up to $150 may apply once ticketed, in addition to any airline-imposed change fees of up to 50% of the ticketed fare per change. Tickets are not transferable. Additional airline restrictions, including but not limited to, baggage weight and size limitations and standby policies and fees may apply. Some tickets may be non-refundable, and some airlines may charge fees for the first and/or second checked bag of up to $75 per bag. Learn more about airline baggage policies. Fees and policies vary among airlines and are subject to change without notice. Please contact the airline directly or visit the airline website for details and answers to specific questions you may have. Not responsible for errors or omissions. CST# 1007939-10. UBI# 601 915 263. TAR# 5308